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WordPress Horror Stories

Don’t risk a potential disaster with your WordPress site! It is critical to update the WordPress software and plugins in order to avoid security breaches and website hacks which target older versions of WordPress. My eBook gives you a basic website security checklist and an overview of what’s needed to keep your site up-to-date.


Referral Marketing: Are You Making One of These 10 Common Mistakes?

Find out why you might be missing out on finding the most valuable clients for your business; why asking for referrals the wrong way could land you the wrong clients….or none at all; where you might be dropping the ball; the most important part of getting referrals…which you might be ignoring…and much, much more!


3 Essential Questions to Simplify Your Marketing Strategy

Are you getting distracted by “shiny objects” and not sure how to get focused? Feeling like online marketing is something you SHOULD do, not that you want to do? Trying to do too much or don’t know what to do at all? My 3 questions will be your compass to guide ALL of your marketing efforts!


17 Success Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm & Increase Profits

Are you feeling stressed trying to build your profitable business? Wondering why all of your hard work & effort just isn’t working? Trying to juggle too many business TO-DOs with living your life? Get help with these tips.


10 Essentials to Build Your Brand Online

Are you STRUGGLING to build your brand online? The secret to your online branding success is to start with the basics, so all of your marketing methods lead back to a rock solid foundation. Use my 10 key essentials that have EASY SETUP & A BIG IMPACT to reach your leads with your online brand.


The Entrepreneur’s Time I$ Money Calculator

How much is a hour of your time actually worth? Are you “losing” potential revenue each hour you spend doing tasks that aren’t generating income (such as tech setup or trying random tactics)?



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